Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vertical Engine Dilemma

Many of us have lawnmowers from yesteryear that just sit in the back and rot. You have either to throw it away, or do something useful with it.

Invariably the mower deck is thrashed, the transmission is a little weak, but the engine is strong. The cost to refurbish the tractor to usefulness is just ridiculous, so you just hide it out back and have illusions of grandure of making a go kart out of it some day.

Quite honestly, using many of the components is a really good idea, but you will run into some snags. On most sites they will tell you to just take a walk when it comes to using vertical engines, but as you have seen on our site, we are not afraid of Vertical Engines, in fact they can be used, and with ghusto.

I do however have a dilemma. The dilemma is providing the market with a fully built vertical engine drives system. This would cut a lot of the leg work out of the fabrication and thinking process for the vertical engine drive system.

As we discuss in our Vertical Engine Drives 202 course some thinking is required for at least the final drive ratios. With this kit, or system, all the figuring would be done, all you would have to do is bolt it in place and go.

I personally think it is a good idea, considering the fact that most engines cost around 300 dollars. Where are you going to pick up a horizontal engine for a mear 300 bucks? If you could purchase a vertical engine drive system for less than the engine you would be money ahead.

So if you would do me a favor and fill in this vertical engine drives survey, then I could
  • Determine how to design it
  • What to have included in it,
  • Most importantly if you would even be interested in it!

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Tony said...

Great blog..we haven't been into karts for very long, but we have been building stuff forever;) I love the tips you give here! We have one kart that we built from junk..around $200 with a vertical shaft, and another from "junk", around $3,500 with a horizontal.:) It's a fun hobby.