Saturday, June 7, 2008

HOH Go kart?

HOH Go Kart? What's That?

Thats what I thought too, until I started doing some investigation, some experiments, and some reasoning about this subject.

HOH is Hydrogen and Oxygen in the same proximity, but not mixed as H20 which is water.

If you look at a gas engine it runs obviously on Gasoline, or in the case of a Diesel, Diesel fuel. A thermodynamic way of talking about engines is to call them Heat Engines.

What that means is that the Kinetic Heat Energy from a fuel burning event is captured and used as energy. The problem with Heat Engines is that they use primarily the PV=MRT formula (which is the gas equation. It relates Pressure, Volume, Temperature and Mass. R is Aviogodros gas constant)

More specifically, engines use the Temperature side of the equation.

Let me demonstrate. I will readjust the formula abit.


Now for some further adjustment...because M and R are not changing (in other words I am not adding more air than is actually getting into the engine, and the R is a Chemistry Constant too) I can reduce the equation to basically say this:

T = PV*K

(K lumps all the constants together as one big ugly number)

What does that mean? It means that Temperature is related to Pressure and Volume.

What occurs in a Fuel Burning event is that Pressure and the Volume of the gas suddenly increase. This sudden increase is equivalent to firing a gun, a firework going off.

In a firework you see a sudden flash of light (which is photon energy) and a loud boom (kinetic heat PV energy.)

In an engine the PV is suddenly increasing and causes the piston to shoot down the barrel (if you will) and cause the crank to turn and so on. I assume you know engines well enough so I won't belate you with those details....

But as you have seen the T rises because of the PV increasing. Heat energy is released and transfers into the surrounding metal. And typically what we do is just let the heat energy dissappate as waste energy.

This waste energy is then used to do nothing, other than (in a car) put heat into the passenger compartment.

Additionally, on a car engine, we waste energy by socking an electrical system to the engine. This electrical energy is very much of the time wasted too.

So what does this have to do with HOH?

Well to make HOH you primarily have two predominate methods for extraction. Coke-Steam Extraction and Electrolisis.

Coke Steam Extraction is the most efficient method however it is not as friendly to the environment, ie smoke fumes...ect.

The electrolisis method uses electricity. HOH is extracted from water by basically electocuting it.

At one electrode comes off Oxygen (the positive electrode) and on the other Hydrogen (negative). (I think...uh don't quote me on that just yet...)

You will know sure enough though when you put the juice to it, because one gives off double bubbles than the other...

So where am I going with this? Use electrical energy that is being wasted and use the HOH to burn as a fuel. This will in effect recoup (not pull out of thin air or magically make more energy) lost energy and make the engine more fuel efficient.

Next time... The experiments and what I am doing to run a Go Kart on water...

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