Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vertical Engine Month

I get questions all the time:

"I have this lawn mower engine and I want to make a go kart. Can you help me?"

I certainly can help you!

First off, there is good news.

The lawnmower you were thinking of throwing out, well that is just a bad idea. In our How To Build Go Kart Series we go into greater details on just how good an idea it is to keep this rider lawnmower, and just how easy it can be to make a go kart with this lawn mower, engine and all!

Many web pages tell you it is impossible to use a vertical engine on a go kart. I can tell you it is not impossible, and very nearly do-able. It does take some guidance and some thinking, but we take care of that.

Don't Waste Your Time Putting The Engine On Its Side (Pretending it is Horizontal!)

Don't waste your time flipping the engine on its side! Don't use a weird carburetor manifold, over even some bazaar carburetor to get the job done. Again, don't play the roulette game with the internals and hope you got it right. You may end up blowing the engine, or seizing it up because the lubrication is not the same or quite right after your modifications.

The engine is designed to run vertical, let it be happy and run it as a vertical engine in your go kart.

Run The Engine Vertically On A Go Kart

In the Go Kart Building Series 202 we show how to build a go kart using a vertical engine. Actually there are several ways to use this vertical engine, vertically, however there is an optimum method that is discussed in great detail all the way down to what gear selections, sprocket layouts etc... to use to get his go kart working optimally.

We have numerous other courses you can take as well that make putting the go kart together a great experience.

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